• We have been Ginandlo members for some time now and apart from attending some wonderful events we were curious to try their brand new service, the super discreet Dating Concierge. It’s based on other members’ availability and was so good at finding exactly the right type of people - Gin and Lo did a stellar job matching us with beautiful Ginandlo members. Highly recommended.

    Ri and Da
  • I’d been to a few adult parties before but wasn’t impressed with the people - they weren’t good looking and I didn’t even want to go near some of them. My experience with Ginandlo was completely the opposite - every single person at the party was gorgeous! I couldn’t keep my hands to myself! Gin and Lo were great hosts, and I felt really relaxed, despite being a single woman. I’ll be back!

    Ms Bi
  • Our first Ginandlo event... and I don't see how it can get any better than this. Beautiful central London location, great interior design, gorgeous hostesses in bikinis and an amazing midnight show. Sensual music, the perfect intimate lighting, quality bedding and towels in bedrooms, top shelf spirits and nibbles. Attention to detail did the trick - the atmosphere felt intimate and electrifying. The other fantastic thing was you pay for the entry and don’t have to worry about anything else as it all inclusive.

    Thomas and Ruth
  • A great party at Ginandlo! Everyone we met was educated, well spoken and overall just really very nice and friendly people, plus there was a great international crowd. A warm welcome, fantastic setting and lighting, the perfect mix of very attractive couples and ladies.

    Alan & Beatrice
  • It was such a boost to both our egos that after five years of marriage, we were both still attracted to and desired by others. To us personally psychological stimulation is more important than intimate part itself so Ginandlo Club is perfect for us! We loved the fact that Gin, Lo and Justyna were there socialising with the guests, beautiful hostesses in bikinis making sure our glasses are being topped up, and the midnight performance was unforgettable.

    Rebecca + Matthew
  • Seeing most reviews here are from couples experiences, I'd like to add the pov from a single lady attending the Ginandlo Club. Host and hostess Gin and Lo do a great job of putting you at ease on the evening, it's a pleasant and safe environment to explore interests and desires you may have been playing with in your mind. If you discover it's not your thing they will be there to just have a glass of bubbly with and if you want to join in the fun you can go wild! The guests are always absolutely lovely, the club feels exclusive and luxurious and you will meet some amazing people. The drinks and canapés are selected with great care, as are the bikini hostesses and the sensual show. Definitely the best few nights I have had in London were at Ginandlo Club!

    Tanja G.
  • We went to the Ginandlo Club’s rooftop party hoping to meet a beautiful woman for a threesome experience. We also wanted to see firsthand the sexy Ginandlo members we’d heard so much about. We were both so pleased to see the incredible people at the party - they were honestly some of the most beautiful people we’d ever met! Gin and Lo looked after each of their guests very well. The platters of light canapés and constant flow of Champagne were a really nice touch, as was the secret location!

    Mr and Mrs