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Welcome to the Ginandlo Invite-only members Club. We host the most exclusive soft swingers parties in London for carefully selected sophisticated couples and curious women  in their twenties and thirties.
The GC is a gentle and modern concept for premium swingers parties in London, attracting the best looking, most discreet people to whom style, class and dignity are paramount.


GC members enjoy a touch of luxury, stimulating sensual music and thought-provoking live performances while being surrounded by temperature-raising bikini-clad hostesses throughout the night.


Couples and women from around the world come to our various adult parties to spice up their sex lives, feel the chemistry, and explore the connections they make. They can then take things further in our candle-lit playrooms for exciting adult fun if they would like to.


The GC experience will leave you with a lasting feeling of passion and lustfulness.


We welcome you to join us on our experimental and exciting journey.  APPLY 

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Together the three of us, happily married couple Gin (right) and Lo (middle) with our close friend Justyna, founded the Ginandlo Club boutique community.


How we got into the lifestyle and the surprising way the Ginandlo Club was born


Gin and I met when we were very young. Tall and handsome, he caught my eye across a bar, and when we started chatting we just clicked. There was a magical chemistry between us. It wasn’t long before we were madly in love, and in 2004 we got married.


Two years later we had a son together.


Eventually we became caught up in life’s routine. Although the sex between us was still amazing, it wasn’t as exciting as it was in the beginning of our relationship.


We tried to spice things up by introducing sex toys and videos into our relationship, so when Gin first brought up the idea of swinging it seemed like the logical next step. I never could have predicted what would happen next, and how it would change our lives forever.

    • Gin and I were always honest about finding other people attractive, but I wasn’t comfortable with the thought of watching my husband having sex with someone else and I felt too nervous to do the same – it seemed like a step too far. It took me ten years to start exploring this wonderful lifestyle. I was silly to wait for so long, and since making the decision I’ve never looked back.


      After some challenging life experiences, Gin and I began to appreciate life more and started living in the moment – and part of that was to give swinging a try.

    • We agreed to see what was out there. Surprisingly, finding a suitable club or party in London proved to be much more difficult than we’d previously thought. Furthermore, we were required to give so much personal information to participate, which was another big barrier.


      Eventually we made the decision to attend one of the swinging parties anyway. But in the days leading up to the party, I began to feel really nervous. I took ages to get ready that night as my mind raced between nerves and extreme excitement. (I also had a much needed gin and tonic to calm me down before we left!)

    • It felt totally surreal as we stepped into the dark club. It felt like we were watching a film. Flesh was on show everywhere we looked.


      It wasn’t long before a lady came over and started chatting to us. She was very attractive and friendly, and straightaway Gin told me that he liked her. I was surprised that I didn’t feel jealous at all. In fact, I felt oddly pleased to see him get excited.


      Shortly thereafter she offered to have sex with us. It was a really nice offering, but it wasn’t exactly what we were looking for. It felt too straightforward and lacking in anticipation and build-up.

    • After trying a few more parties and finding the same approach and atmosphere, we began to play with the idea of hosting our own, more sophisticated events. We named it the Gin and Lo Club!


      What we introduced was a totally different and modern concept: events filled with a variety of sensual entertainment, such as live jazz and erotic performances, as well as beautiful hostesses in bikinis mingling with guests throughout the evening.


      The Ginandlo Club was a place to socialise and experience that much needed build-up, to get a taste of the lifestyle without having to dive in. It’s an evening full of flirting, feeling chemistry and seeking connection before deciding if you want to take things further in an intimate, candle-lit playroom.


      As one of our hottest couples Chris and Kate said, “The GC is an experience you must have – if not every week or every month, then at least once in a lifetime!”

    • After we founded the Ginandlo Club we met the beautiful Justyna. We had the idea of her being one of our sexy bikini-clad hostesses. However, after we shared our vision with her in more detail she absolutely loved it and showed huge passion and support. Instead of becoming a hostess, we offered her the opportunity to join the GC as a founding member.

    • Once Gin and I realised we could still be faithful to one another but experiment, it felt so liberating. All we needed was to free ourselves from the old-fashioned views of others to live a life full of love, passion and excitement.


      That’s the GC way of life!


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GC’s Bespoke Luxury Events


Welcome to the crème de la crème of our boutique club

Feel deep, intimate lust in a luxurious, one-of-kind experience



Country Mansion Escapes


Black Tie Dinner Events


Caviar and Champagne Yacht Parties


Temperature-Raising Luxury Villa Weekends



Our unique, curated events help guests to discover sensuality, chemistry and a deeper connection with one another, followed by most exciting lifetime experience



Personally tailored and hosted by Gin, Lo and Justyna



Fees start at £990 per person




APPLY If you meet the GC criteria more information will follow shortly

Three-Way Play Party


Saturday, 12th May


Party Location:
Secret loft-style Apartment in Central London


Surround yourself with the most enticing, beautiful, like-minded guests and indulge in a connection you never realised was possible


Feel electric waves pulse from sexy and mysterious performers at this unforgettable experience


Enjoy provocative hostesses dressed in bikinis as they serve delicious canapés, champagne and cocktails


Release your intimate pleasure whilst listening to irresistible music in candle-lit play bedrooms



Fees (all inclusive)
Couple: 290
Woman: fee on application


Dress code:
Smart Elegant



apply If you meet the GC criteria more information will follow shortly


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These guys know how a woman's mind ticks! There really is nothing like it. Women don't want pressure, we want anticipation and build up, so listening to live jazz music was perfect and made me feel relaxed. Ginandlo is as it says, it's boutique, luxury and discreet and always gets it soooo right.

Victoria xx

Our first Ginandlo event... and I don't see how it can get any better than this. Beautiful central London location, great interior design, gorgeous hostesses in bikinis and an amazing midnight performance. Sensual music, the perfect intimate lighting, quality bedding and towels in playrooms, top shelf spirits and nibbles. Attention to detail did the trick - the atmosphere felt intimate and electrifying. The other fantastic thing was you pay for the entry and don’t have to worry about anything else as it all inclusive.

Thomas and Rita
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